An Internetware Based Approach to Building Web Page Integration Applications for Mobile Devices
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Tianwei Sun,Feng Xu,Jian Lv. An Internetware Based Approach to Building Web Page Integration Applications for Mobile Devices. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2010,4(4):367~382
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Fund:This work is sponsored by 973 of China (2009CB320702), NSFC (61073030, 60736015) and JSNSF (BK2008017)
Abstract:Mobile devices are more and more popular in recent years. As a result, there're huge requests of mobile applications, especially those integrated with multiple information. However, on one hand, most of the mobile applications at present just contain some certain kinds of information and they cannot adapt to the rapid change of users' requirements, either. On the other hand, to build these applications, it's usually time consuming and there are not enough resource components with programmable interfaces. In this paper, we propose an approach based on Internerware to building web page integration applications for mobile device. We introduce a framework that provides abundant internet-programmable interfaces, a flexible integration mechanism to meet the users' rapid changing requirements and a reliable mechanism that guarantees the quality of the referred resources effectively. With this framework, we can rapidly build an application that integrates all the information according to users' requirement.
keywords:internetware  mobile devices  web page integration  programmable blocks
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