Sequential Event Pattern Based Design of Context-Aware Adaptive Application
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Chushu Gao,Jun Wei,Chang Xu,S.C. Cheung. Sequential Event Pattern Based Design of Context-Aware Adaptive Application. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2010,4(4):419~436
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Fund:This work is sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos.60773028 and 60736015, the National Grand Fundamental Research 973 Program of China under 2008CBA20704, the National Science and Technology Major Project of China under the Grant No.2009ZX01043-003-001, the National Key Technology R&D Program under the Grant No.2009BADA9B02. The research was partially supported by the Research Council of Hong Kong (Project No. 612309).
Abstract:Recent pervasive systems are designed to be context-aware so that they are able to adapt to continual changes of their environments. Rule-based adaptation, which is commonly adopted by these applications, introduces new challenges in software design and verification. Recent research results have identified some faulty or unwanted adaptations caused by factors such as asynchronous context updating, and missing or faulty context reading. In addition, adaptation rules based on simple event models and propositional logic are not expressive enough to address these factors and to satisfy users' expectation in the design. We tackle these challenges at the design stage by introducing sequential event patterns in adaptation rules to eliminate faulty and unwanted adaptations with features provided in the event pattern query language. We illustrate our approach using the recent published examples of adaptive applications, and show that it is promising in designing more reliable context-aware adaptive applications. We also introduce adaptive rule specification patterns to guide the design of adaptation rules.
keywords:context-aware adaptation  pervasive computing  sequential event pattern  property pattern
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