Composing Cardinal Direction Relations Based on Interval Algebra
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Juan Chen,Haiyang Jia,Dayou Liu,Changhai Zhang. Composing Cardinal Direction Relations Based on Interval Algebra. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2010,4(3):291~303
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Fund:This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos.60773099, 60873149, 60973088; the National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of Chinaunder Grant Nos. 2006AA10Z245, 2006AA10A309; Research Fund for the Doctoral Program ofHigher Education of China under Grant No.20070783057; Special Funds of Central Colleges BasicScientiˉc Research Operating Expenses, Jilin University under Grant No.421032041421.
Abstract:Direction relations between extended spatial objects are important commonsense knowledge. Skiadopoulos proposed a formal model for representing direction relations between compound regions (the finite union of simple regions), known as SK-model. It perhaps is currently one of most cognitive plausible models for qualitative direction information, and has attracted interests from artificial intelligence and geographic information system. Originating from Allen first using composition table to process time interval constraints; composing has become the key technique in qualitative spatial reasoning to check the consistency. Due to the massive number of basic directions in SK-model, its composition becomes extraordinary complex. This paper proposed a novel algorithm for the composition. Basing the concepts of smallest rectangular directions and its original directions, it transforms the composition of basic cardinal direction relations into the composition of interval relations corresponding to Allen's interval algebra. Comparing with existing methods, this algorithm has quite good dimensional extendibility, that is, it can be easily transferred to the tridimensional space with a few modifications.
keywords:cardinal direction relation  interval algebra  composing  qualitative spatial reasoning
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