Visualization for Knowledge Graph Based on Education Data
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Kai Sun,Yuhua Liu,Zongchao Guo,Changbo Wang. Visualization for Knowledge Graph Based on Education Data. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2016,10(3):0
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Abstract:Knowledge graph, also known as scienti c knowledge graph, can reveal the dynamic development rules in complex knowledge elds. How to clearly present the internal structure of knowledge graph is particularly important, however, the current visualization research based on knowledge graph is rare. In this paper, varieties of data related to education are mined from massive web data, and are fused together. Then knowledge graph which is centered on educational events is constructed utilizing extracted named entities and entity relations. We construct a visual analysis platform for education knowledge graph, EduVis, which can support users to do associated analysis of education, and enable users to obtain the public opinions. In EduVis, we design and implement a) a word cloud treemap to provide an overview of education knowledge graph, b) a layout of events relation network graph based on topological structure and timeline to explore in details, c) a click tracking path to record the history of users' clicks and help users to backtrack. The case studies show that the aforementioned visual analysis methods for our knowledge graph can meet users' demands for data analysis tasks.
keywords:visualization  education knowledge graph  web data
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