An Evaluation of the Utility of Large High-Resolution Displays for Comparative Scientific Visualisation
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C. Müller,M. Krone,K. Scharnowski,G. Reina,T. Ert. An Evaluation of the Utility of Large High-Resolution Displays for Comparative Scientific Visualisation. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2015,9(3):355~370
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Abstract:In many disciplines, such as computer aided drug design, multiple simulation runs are performed with varying parameters, yielding ensembles of data sets. Comparative visualisation of these simulation results can help understanding the influence different parameters have. However, researchers might need to compare large numbers of variants. Single desktop monitors often do not have the resolution and screen size required for showing a whole ensemble at once with sufficient detail. Wall-sized high-resolution displays can be a solution for this problem. Although a number of studies has been conducted on how large high-resolution displays affect the speed and accuracy of certain tasks, only few of them are related to actual scientific visualisation tasks. We built a system for comparative visualisation of simulation results that can be used with conventional desktop monitors and with large high-resolution displays. We conducted a study using biochemical simulation data to evaluate the impact of screen size and 3D stereo output on a comparison task.
keywords:large high-resolution displays  usability  structural biology  comparativevisualisation  user study
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