3DRC Visualizations to Support the Reconciliation of Diverging Project Views
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Rossella Aiello,Gennaro Costagliola,Giancarlo Nota,Fabrizio Torre. 3DRC Visualizations to Support the Reconciliation of Diverging Project Views. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2015,9(3):331~354
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Abstract:In recent years there has been a growth in size and complexity of the projects managed by public or private organizations. This leads to increased probability of project failures, frequently due to the di culty and the ability to achieve the objectives such as on-time delivery, cost containment, expected quality achievement. In particular, one of the most common causes of project failure is the very high degree of uncertainty that a ects the expected performance of the project, especially when di erent stakeholders with divergent aims and goals are involved in the project. To address the prevention and proactive handling of the potential controversies among project stakeholders we propose the 3DRC visualization technique and its prototypical implementation. The approach is based on 3D radar charts to allow easier and more immediate analysis and management of the project views giving a contribution in reducing the project uncertainty and, consequently, the risk of project failure. In order to explore its potentiality, the approach has been implemented by developing the 3DRC Tool, applied to a real case and validated with promising results through a user study.
keywords:3D radar charts  project management  controversy resolution  informationvisualization  spatial-temporal data  multi-dimensional data  visual analytics
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