Visual Analysis of Sentiment and Information Spread on Micro-Blog
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Chenghai Zhang,Yuhua Liu,Changbo Wang. Visual Analysis of Sentiment and Information Spread on Micro-Blog. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2015,9(3):291~305
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Abstract:In this paper, we combined temporal analysis and spatial analysis together, and proposed the Electron Cloud Model (ECM) which is based on the Schrodinger equation and Niels Bohr atomic theory. The ECM is used to conduct temporal visual analysis of micro-blog sentiments. In the ECM, we made an attempt to mapping a score of sentiment to the electron stability and took neutral sentiments into consideration. We applied kernel density estimation and edge bundling to conduct space-varying visual analysis of sentiment. Kernel density estimation visualized sentiment changes in different levels of detail naturally while edge bundling was used to reduce visual clutter of edge crossing and reveal high-level edge patterns. Finally, we implemented an analysis system, conducted three case studies and made simple comparisons with other visualize methods.
keywords:ECM  sentiment analysis  neutral  micro-blog sentiments  electron cloudmodel  edge bundling  visualization  kernel density
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