Automating Test Case Selection in Model-Based Software Product Line Development
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Alexander Knapp,Markus Roggenbach,Bernd-Holger Schlingloff. Automating Test Case Selection in Model-Based Software Product Line Development. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2015,9(2):153~175
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Abstract:We address the problem of how to select test cases for products in a controlled model-based software product line development process. CVL, the common variability language, gives a framework for materialisation of product models from a given base model, variability model and resolution model. From such product models, software products can be derived. In practise, test case development for the product line often is independent from the product development. Therefore, the problem arises which test cases can be applied to which products. In particular, the question is whether a test case for one speci c product can be also used for a "similar" product. In this paper, we show how the expected outcome of a test case to a product in a model-based software product line development can be determined. That is, we give a procedure for assigning the outcome of a given test case on an arbitrary member of a software product line. We recall the relevant de nitions for software product line engineering, describe our approach, and demonstrate it with the example of a product line of super-automatic espresso machines.
keywords:software product lines  model-based testing  test colouring  UML
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