Editorial: Internetware of the Age
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Xiaoguang Mao,Xianping Tao. Editorial: Internetware of the Age. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2014,8(1):19~20
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Abstract:While the infrastructure of computing shifting from isolated computers to Internet-linked resources, the software industry transfers its focus from computing products to dependable services. That's one of the reasons why pervasive computing, grid computing, service computing and cloud computing are introduced on the open and dynamic Internet-linked platform. The communication abilities it introduced enable various resources exchanging and sharing freely, and participating in the community in the social network. There are three layers in such a platform: computing infrastructure, software services and information web. The underline layer, computing infrastructure, provides computing and communication facilities, and the surface layer, information web, is full of information recombination and consuming. The layer of software services serves as a factory to process constantly emerging and heterogeneous dynamic information using distributed, autonomous, and evolvable computing facilities. Therefore, services provided by such software systems should be adaptive, situational, trustworthy, autonomous and etc. To achieve flexible objectives, these services can be coordinated in various styles such as integration, cooperation, orchestration and etc. A portmanteau term \Internetware" is used
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