Towards Software Architecture and Mechanisms for Improving Runtime Variability of Internetware System
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Jiwei Liu,Xinjun Mao. Towards Software Architecture and Mechanisms for Improving Runtime Variability of Internetware System. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2014,8(1):67~94
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Fund:This work is financial supported by NSFC under granted number 61070034 and 61379051, and Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University under granted number NCET-10-0898.
Abstract:As an emerging software paradigm, Internetware is proposed to handle openness, dynamism of software systems in the context of Internet, which implies that such software systems typically have runtime variability that can be improved dynamically to handle various or even unexpected changes of requirements and open environment. Though many progresses of Internetware software technologies have been made to support the adaptation, evolution, context-awareness, etc. of Internetware, how to construct Internetware systems with the ability to improve their runtime variability is still a great challenge in the literature of software engineering. In this paper, we propose software architecture and mechanisms for Internetware systems to support the improvement of their runtime variability by combining software variability and autonomic computing techniques. The Internetware system is organized as three levels that are consist of variable autonomic elements and Internetware entities, and architecture of these software entities is defined and discussed respectively. Moreover, we put forward a series of runtime mechanisms based on these levels, including module selection, intermediator and horizontal management, to realize operations upon the variation points and variants in software architectures and thus achieve the improvement of runtime variability. We develop a sample of Personal Data Resource Network to depict the requirements and scenario of improving runtime variability, and further study the case based on our proposed approach to show its effectiveness and applicability.
keywords:internetware  runtime variability  software architecture  autonomic computing  software variability
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