Cooperative-Competitive Healthcare Service Negotiation
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Xuehong Tao,Yuan Miao,Yanchun Zhang. Cooperative-Competitive Healthcare Service Negotiation. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2012,6(4):553~570
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Fund:This research is supported by Australian Research Council Linkage Project LP100100624.
Abstract:Service negotiation is a complex activity, especially in complex domains such as healthcare. The provision of healthcare services typically involves the coordination of several professionals with different skills and locations. There is usually negotiation between healthcare service providers as different services have specific constraints, variables, and features (scheduling, waiting lists, availability of resources, etc.), which may conflict with each other. While automating the negotiation processes by using software can improve the effciency and quality of healthcare services, most of the existing negotiation automations are positional bargaining in nature, and are not suitable for complex scenarios in healthcare services. This paper proposes a cooperative-competitive negotiation model that enables negotiating parties to share their knowledge and work toward optimal solutions. In this model, patients and healthcare providers work together to develop a patient-centered treatment plan. We further automate the new negotiation model with software agents.
keywords:negotiation automation  interest-based negotiation  cooperative-competitive negotiation  multiagent systems  artificial intelligence  eHealth  health service integration
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