SM@RT: Applying Architecture-Based Runtime Management into Internetware Systems
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Gang Huang,Hui Song,Hong Mei. SM@RT: Applying Architecture-Based Runtime Management into Internetware Systems. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2009,3(4):439~464
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Fund:This work is sponsored by the National Key Basic Re-search and Development Program of China (973) under Grant No. 2009CB320703; the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No. 60821003, 60873060, 60933003; the High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863) under Grant No. 2009AA01Z16 and 2009AA01Z139-1; the National S&T Major Project under Grant No. 2009ZX01043-002-002; and the EU FP7 under Grant No. 231167.
Abstract:Architecture-based runtime management (ARM) is a promising approach for Internetware systems. The key enablement of ARM is runtime architecture infrastructure(RAI) that maintains the causal connection between runtime systems and architectural mod-els. An RAI is uneasy to implement and, more importantly, specific to the given system and model. In this paper, we propose a model-driven approach for automated generation of RAI implementation. Developers only need to define three MOF models for their preferred archi-tecture model and the target system (these models are reusable independently for di?erent pairs of the model and system), and one QVT transformation for the causal connection. Our Eclipse-based toolset, called SM@RT, will automatically generate the RAI implementation code without any modification on the source code of the target system, and automatically and properly deploy the generated RAI into the distributed systems. This approach is exper-imented on several runtime systems and architectural models, including ABC architectural models on Eclipse GUI and Android, C2 architectural models on JOnAS, Rainbow C/S style on PLASTIC and UML models on POJO.
keywords:Internetware  architecture-based runtime management  model-driven develop- ment  eclipse
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