Methods for the Development of Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Using VDM
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Peter Gorm Larsen,John Fitzgerald,Sune Wolff. Methods for the Development of Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems Using VDM. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2009,3(2):305~341
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Fund:Fitzgerald's work has been supported by the EU Framework 7 project \Deploy" on industrial deployment of formal system engineering methods and the EPSRC platform grant on Trustworthy Ambient Systems (TrAmS). Larsen's and Wolff's work has been supported by
Abstract:The development of distributed real-time embedded systems presents a signi-ffcant practical challenge both because of the complexity of distributed computation and because of the need to rapidly assess a wide variety of design alternatives in early stages when requirements are often volatile. Formal methods can address some of these challenges but are often thought to require greater initial investment and longer development cycles than is desirable for the development of noncritical systems in highly competitive markets.In this paper we propose an approach that takes advantage of formal modelling and analysis technology in a lightweight way, making signi cant use of readily available tools. We describe an incremental approach in which detail is progressively added to abstract system-level speci cations of functional and timing properties via intermediate models that express system architecture, concurrency and distribution. The approach is illustrated using a modelof a home automation system. The models are expressed using the Vienna Development Method (VDM) and are validated primarily by scenario-based tests.
keywords:distributed systems  real-time systems  embedded systems  formal methods  VDM
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