Developing a Domain Model for Relay Circuits
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Anne E. Haxthausen. Developing a Domain Model for Relay Circuits. International Journal of Software and Informatics, 2009,3(2):241~272
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Abstract:In this paper we stepwise develop a domain model for relay circuits as used in railway control systems. First we provide an abstract, property-oriented model of networks consisting of components that can be glued together with connectors. This model is strongly inspired by a network model for railways made by Bj.rner et. al., however our model is more general: the components can be of any kind and can later be re.ned to e.g. railway components or circuit components. Then we show how the abstract network model can be re.ned into an explicit model for relay circuits. The circuit model describes the statics as well as the dynamics of relay circuits, i.e. how a relay circuit can be composed legally from electrical components as well as how the components may change state over time. Finally the circuit model is transformed into an executable model, and we show how a concrete circuit can be de.ned, checked to be legal, and the reaction to an input can be simulated.
keywords:domain modelling  formal methods  RAISE  relay circuits
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