Volume 8,Issue 3-4,2014 Table of Contents

Other Issues:  

Special Issue on Quantum Computation and Quantum Information Processing

  Shunlong Luo,Matteo G. A. Paris and Yun Shang
  2014,8(3-4):207 [Abstract]  [View PDF(63.58 K)]
Distinguishability and Copiability of Programs in General Process Theories
  Giulio Chiribella
  2014,8(3-4):209-223 [Abstract]  [View PDF(227.23 K)]
Positive Aspects of Noise Effect on Quantum Correlations
  Xueyuan Hu and Wuming Liu
  2014,8(3-4):225-240 [Abstract]  [View PDF(240.90 K)]
Quantum Ensembles and the Statistical Operator: A Tutorial
  Yinxiμu Zhan and Matteo G. A. Paris
  2014,8(3-4):241-253 [Abstract]  [View PDF(236.47 K)]
Channel Coupling: Entanglement Preservation via Unentangled Correlations
  Lina Chang and Shunlong Luo
  2014,8(3-4):255-264 [Abstract]  [View PDF(196.28 K)]
Fisher Information and Means: Some Questions in the Classical and Quantum Settings
  Paolo Gibilisco
  2014,8(3-4):265-276 [Abstract]  [View PDF(228.58 K)]
Decorrelating Capabilities and Measurement-Induced Correlations of Unruh Effect in Dirac Field
  Nan Li
  2014,8(3-4):277-288 [Abstract]  [View PDF(222.54 K)]
Detection of k-Partite Entanglement
  Yan Hong
  2014,8(3-4):289-297 [Abstract]  [View PDF(320.60 K)]
An Estimate of Quantum Evolution Speed
  Shuangshuang Fu
  2014,8(3-4):299-307 [Abstract]  [View PDF(245.67 K)]
Quantum Pushdown Automata with Classical Stack and Tape Head
  Jismy Joseph and K. S. Dersanambika
  2014,8(3-4):309-316 [Abstract]  [View PDF(166.42 K)]
Geometric Measure of Quantum Entanglement for Multipartite Mixed States
  Shenglong Hu,Liqun Qi,Yisheng Song and Guofeng Zhang
  2014,8(3-4):317-326 [Abstract]  [View PDF(209.63 K)]
Two Examples on Quantum Control
  Hongting Song,Shuangshuang Fu and Zairong Xi
  2014,8(3-4):327-337 [Abstract]  [View PDF(238.40 K)]
Quantum Anonymous Ranking with d-level Single-Particle States
  Qingbin Luo,Guowu Yang,Kun She,Xiaoyu Li,Yuqi Wang and Fan Yang
  2014,8(3-4):339-343 [Abstract]  [View PDF(166.71 K)]



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