Volume 2,Issue 2,2008 Table of Contents

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  Xingquan Zhu,Chengqi Zhang and David L. Olson
  2008,2(2):89-93 [Abstract]  [View PDF(264.98 K)]
Co-Training by Committee: A Generalized Framework for Semi-Supervised Learning with Committees
  Mohamed Farouk Abdel Hady and Friedhelm Schwenker
  2008,2(2):95-124 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.82 M)]
Attribute Selection for Numerical Databases that Contain Correlations
  Taufik Djatna and Yasuhiko Morimoto
  2008,2(2):125-139 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.18 M)]
Effcient Mining of Heterogeneous Star-Structured Data
  Manjeet Rege and Qi Yu
  2008,2(2):141-161 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.79 M)]
Managing the Acronym/Expansion Identi cation Process for Text-Mining Applications
  Mathieu Roche and Violaine Prince
  2008,2(2):163-179 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.18 M)]
Global and Local (Glocal) Bagging Approach for Classifying Noisy Dataset
  Peng Zhang,Zhiwang Zhang,Aihua Li and Yong Shi
  2008,2(2):181-197 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.77 M)]
AWSum-Combining Classi cation with Knowledge Aquisition
  Anthony Quinn,Andrew Stranieri,John Yearwood,Gaudenz Hafen and Herbert Jelinek
  2008,2(2):199-214 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.71 M)]
Mining Gene Expression Data using Domain Knowledge
  Nicolas Pasquier,Claude Pasquier,Laurent Brisson and Martine Collard
  2008,2(2):215-231 [Abstract]  [View PDF(784.30 K)]
Towards Knowledge Acquisition from Semi-Structured Content
  Xi Bai,Jigui Sun,Haiyan Che and Lian Shi
  2008,2(2):233-248 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.14 M)]



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