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Department of Knowledge and Business Engineering
Brünnerstr. 72, A - 1210 Vienna, Austria
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Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis is a full professor and Head of Institute at the Department of Knowledge Engineering and Business Engineering, in the Faculty of Computer Science, at the University of Vienna, Austria. His fields of expertise include Knowledge Management, Business Process Lifecycle Management and Meta-Modelling with the ADOxx® Platform.
Besides his engagement in national and EU-funded research projects Dimitris Karagiannis is the author of research papers and books on Knowledge Databases, Expert Systems, Business Process Management, Workflow-Systems and Knowledge Management. He has participated in United Nations Development Program projects and in teaching activities at the International Atomic Energy Agency.
He established the Business Process Management Approach, which has been successfully implemented in several industrial and service companies and is the founder of the European software- and consulting company BOC (, which implements software tools based on the meta-modelling approach. Recently he created the Open Model Initiative ( in Austria.
The Open Models Initiative aims to establish a community of people who focus on the creation, maintenance, modification, distribution, and analysis of modelling methods and models. These are an excellent way to grasp knowledge in a way that can be easily operationalised. Modelling methods and models can be applied for several purposes such as specification, implementation, documentation and evaluation.
Together with Prof.Zhi Jin, Prof. Dr. Dimitris Karagiannis  has organized the special issue of KSEM2009 for IJSI (Vol.4, No.1) in 2010.



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